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Uses for Little Enamel Bowls

Hello Everyone!  Today I thought I would talk about bowls as I have recently made quite a few recently and they are one of the items I like making the most!  As you all know I have a thing about bowls - the dinkier the better and perferably with colour added as I find them cheerful in the house!  As you know I make enameled copper bowls and they come in all shapes and sizes. However I get the odd email from customers wondering what they may use them for. Well.....where do I start? The choices are endless, so I will give you some ideas as to what I do with mine... Decorative Bowls - Every home needs ornaments and sometimes...

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If You Wish To Find Out More About Me the Maker - Here Are A Few Questions Answered!

As some of you know I am reasonably new to this blogging lark and realised that I kind of jumped in with both feet without really introducing myself. So, I thought I would engage with you all through my facebook page and decided to ask those of you who may be interested what you would like to know......It could be about me personally, my business, hobbies etc. Well I had some great questions asked and so I thought I would answer them here for you to gain a little insight about me.  So here goes...... Question: How long have you been making jewellery and have you any other crafts that you enjoy? Answer: I have been making jewellery for...

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