About us


MaisyPlum Jewellery is run by me, Jo Pearce and and I sell original handcrafted enamle jewellery and gifts for the home.

Necklaces, bracelets, bangles, brooches, earrings, rings and cufflinks for men are all created by my own fair hand in my home studio in East Sussex.

It was when I discovered enamel, and all the possibilities of this ancient art, that things really took off creatively. Since then I haven't looked back!

Tucked away in an East Sussex studio I have spent  the last five years playing with and exploring the possibilities of colour on copper and sterling silver. The possibilities are endless and the results are so exciting when each piece emerges from the kiln.

Enamel dates all the way back to the 13th century BC and is made from finely ground glass which is melted onto metal using incredibly high temperatures. I use both a torch and a kiln with many pieces being fired up to five or six times layering different enamels in between. 

MaisyPlum jewellery is made using the very best jewellery components, often incorporating sterling silver and copper in the designs. I love to experiment with form as well as material and colour and I am always thinking up new items to add to my range. As well as jewellery I make enamel pictures, enameled artificial flowers and trinket dishes.

MaisyPlum jewellery can be bought online from the website or Etsy shop and can be found at art and craft fairs throughout the year. There is also the opportunity to commission bespoke items.

When not cooking up colourful creations in my studio I can be found walking my trusty hounds through the East Sussex countryside.